Filip wins the second gold for Ingebrigtsen

Another member of the Ingebrigtsen family wins a gold medal, thanks to an amazing performance by Filip. In an exciting battle he was the strongest, finishing short before Isaac Kimeli (Belgium) and Aras Kaya (Turkey). Kaan Kigen Ozbilen was not able to defend his title, he became fourth. The silver medal for Kimeli was a long awaited medal for Belgium, something the Belgian crowd deserved.

The last race on the muddy track at Beekse Bergen was the men senior’s race. Right from the start the men took off at a high pace. This resulted in a long string of runners across the track. It took about 10 minutes before a leading group was formed. It was Filip Ingebrigtsen from Normay who ran the strongest race. He’s going home with a gold medal, just like his brothers who also took a gold EC-medal. Kimeli from Belgium won the silver medal, something the large Belgian crowd had been waiting for all day. 

The Netherlands was represented by Michel Butter, Khalid Choukoud, Ronalf Schroër and Roy Hoornweg. The best Dutch performance was delivered by Michel Butter. In a though race in a very strong field, he finished 28th. The Dutch team secured a 13th place.