On the way to the European Championships Cross Tilburg 2018

Last month, the start was given for the campaign of the SPAR European Cross Country Championships Tilburg 2018.

It’s going to be the 25th edition of the European Cross Country Championships and this year itwill take place on December 9th 2018 at Safaripark Beekse Bergen, host city Tilburg (the Netherlands). Top athlete and European Cross Country-medal candidate Sifan Hassan is looking forward participating in her own country: "Running here on the terrain and sleeping in lodges between the animals seems very cool. I hope to perform well for many Dutch supporters". Hassan is preselected on the basis of her performance at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin by the Dutch Athletics Federation for theEuropean Cross Country Championships, just as Susan Krumins and Maureen Koster are preselected as well.

Event Ambassador

Kamiel Maase, former marathon runner, winner of a silver medal during the European Cross Country Championships s in 2001 and currently performance manager at TeamNL, is the proud event ambassador at this year’s editition of the European Cross Country Championships in Tilburg. "In 2005 I participated in the European Cross Country Championships  in Tilburg and that was a great experience. Participating in such an event, in the orange Dutch shirt is a special experience for all Dutch athletes. I think that here in Safaripark Beekse Bergen there is a new unique decor that also provides a lasting memory for foreign athletes. I secretly hope that, with the support of many sports fans, we can celebrate a lot of Dutch success on the 9th of December."

Campaign image

For the promotion of the European Cross Country Championships , a campaign image has been developed that will be used in all kinds of communication for the next two months. In this campaign  you’ll see the proud Dutch athletes Luuk Maas, Robin van Riel, Jasmijn Lau, Roos Blokhuis and Khalid Choukoud in the surroundings of Safaripark Beekse Bergen. Khalid Choukoud expresses his enthusiasm: "I feel honored to be ambassador of the European Cross Country Championships in Tilburg. This makes this 2018 edition extra special for me. My passion for cross started in Tilburg and I am very pleased that I can play a role and be of importance in the promotion of the event this year."

Start of the Side Events

In addition to athletics at the highest European level, the European Cross Country Championships will also organize various side events with the slogan "Creating Crossovers". With four projects, European Cross Country wants to start a social movement and make a mark for the community. Under the title 'Youth on the move' the EC Cross encourages children and adults to exercise more by bringing them into contact through running. Local and provincial programs are offered via municipalities, schools and associations. People with disabilities come into contact with a suitable range of exercise through 'Unique sports European Cross Country Championships 2018', by strengthening the relationship between sport providers and care institutions. The project 'Refugee integration' revolves around the deployment of refugees as volunteers during the topsport event. So the refugees will be on the way to get a suitable job or training for volunteering. In addition, refugees from regional AZCs can participate in running clinics like Yakult Start to Run at  the local track and field clubs.. Finally, the European Cross Country Championships aim to encourage inactive Dutch people by developing innovative ideas for (inter) national sport events to stimulate sports and exercise. Partners in the organization of the Side Events are the Sportservice foundation Noord-Brabant, More2Win, Municipality of Tilburg, Province of Noord-Brabant, Warandeloop foundation Tilburg and the Atletiekunie (Dutch Athletics Federation).

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