Can scores a unique hattrick; Dutch women team win team gold.

The Dutch crowd had high hopes of Susan Krumins, especially after the late withdrawal of Sifan Hassan she was top favourite for the spectators in Tilburg. But Krumins lost the expected battle to Can and in the end Schlumpf and Grøvdal were faster as well. However, Krumins did win gold together with her Dutch team mates. 

A battle between Yasemin Can from Turkey and Susan Krumins from The Netherlands was expected. At the European Championships in Berlin earlier this year, Krumins claimed victory on the 10.000 meter ahead of Can. However, today in Tilburg Can was the strongest. By winning in Tilburg she became European Cross champion for the third consecutive time, a unique accomplishment in European Athletics history.

After years of absence at the EXCH, Krumins was running in third position for a large part of the race. Despite massive support from the homecrowd she could not keep a medal position (4th). Jip Vastenburg delivered an outstanding performance by finishing 5th after a long comeback run. Maureen Koster's race was the other way around. She was at the front of the race for a long periode, but in the end she fell back and finished 11th.

It was significant that the sun finally came through during the women's race, because the Dutch women managed to claim the gold team medal, resulting in an explosion of joy in Tilburg. Together with Jill Holterman and local hero Julia van Velthoven the team made the Dutch dreams come true. “Fantastic that we won the gold medal here today in Tilburg”, Maureen Koster said. She also thanked the crowd for their great support.